The Lange Style of English Lambeth Overpiping: Mini Boot Camp 101 DVD

$49.95 $35.00

Have you seen the British style royal wedding cakes, which feature English style overpiping, and wanted to create a design of your own? During this mini boot camp workshop, Kathleen will be demonstrating and teaching the Old-World Joseph Lambeth Method, while modernizing with her own style. Kathleen will take you through every step necessary so you can create this stunning cake. Learning the basic steps from start to finish will allow you to develop the skills necessary to create your own masterpiece. Watching this instructional DVD will give the viewer insight into the Lange/Lambeth method, similar to attending a class personally with Kathleen.  A portion of the proceeds are donated to the Wounded Warrior Project.

This is a 2 Disc DVD Approx: 2 hours & 12 min

Also included is Kathleen's special piping Recipe PDF with purchase of the DVD.

Master Cake Design Artist Kathleen Lange is a highly regarded innovator and is internationally known for royal icing, foreign techniques and the revival of the Lambeth English Overpiping Boot Camps, and also the quality of her demonstrations and workshops. Kathleen brings new life into a classic technique, inspiring her students to do the same. 

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