Square Topsy Turvy Caddy Wampus Cake Stand


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Cake Study by Bronwen Weber and Francois Long are innovative cake support kits designed to be durable, reusable, and elegant. There simply isn't a system on the market that can compare in function and price.  These products are available to every cake decorator, regardless of budget or experience level.  Kits are designed to easily place cakes at an angle with no carving needed.  Make your next edible creation with Cake Study.

Cake Study Caddy Wampus:

This kit is made of high grade plastic and is user friendly, versatile, and durable.  Each kit comes with two types of support poles, straight and curved.  These poles are interchangeable with our other stands, so that you can create many different combinations and effects by mixing and matching plates and supports.

Your kit includes:

  • 5 Support poles: 1 crooked short pole, 1 crooked long pole, 2 straight 5" poles and one 4" straight pole
  • 5 Fittings: 2 female fittings and 3 male fittings
  • 3 Plates: one 12" with a threaded hole, one 9 inch and one 7 inch

    How to set up your kit:

    Insert one male fitting into threaded hole of 12" board.
    Attach firmly the long crooked pole (the cake can be decorated at this stage, or finished cake over pole and secure to bottom plate with tape).
    Attach male fitting number two to end of long crooked pole.
    Slide 9" plate over threads and secure board by twisting one female fitting.
    Attach short crooked pole and then attach cake.
    The top tier fastens the same way.
    A four inch pole is included as a flower stem receiver and/or additional support.
    This piece is optional. Just remember to push all poles into fittings completely!

    This stand is completely food-safe and can be reused any number of times. The square caddy wampus set is interchangeable with the round set.

    *Disclaimer: these stands are made in a non-sterile open air environment, and as such will be to be thoroughly washed and sanitized before use as a food contact surface.

    Questions? Please email: cakestudy@gmail.com


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