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  • Nu-Wrap Buttercream Rolled Fondant perfect for cake decorating fondant cakes, wedding cakes, cupcakes, & specialty cakes.  Buttercream Flavor Rolled Fondant Icing.  Easy Rolled Fondant Recipe. Cake Supply. Caljava Bakery supply.
  • Nu Wrap Rolled Fondant Icing perfect fondant for cake decorating & covering cakes & wedding cakes. Wholesale Cake supply. Caljava bakery supply.

Nu Wrap - Buttercream


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I can't believe it's not buttercream! Nu-Wrap is a rolled fondant with the taste of your favorite icing flavors. A fresh new way to wrap your cakes in rolled fondant.  Nu-Wrap is very easy to knead and roll out, stretches very nicely, and is the brightest white in color. It's Buttercream flavor is extremely delectable which makes it a great compromise between having an iced buttercream cake and a beautiful rolled fondant cake.  Now you can have both.

Kosher Pareve.  Gluten Free.  Zero Trans Fat. Made in USA.  Dairy Free.  Made in a Nut Free facility.  No Animal Byproducts used.

Weight: 10 lbs

Flavor: Buttercream



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