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  • Elite Plus Vanilla White Rolled Fondant perfect for cake decorating fondant cakes, cupcakes, birthday cakes, & wedding cakes. Wholesale fondant. premade fondant. vanilla fondant. best fondant. white fondant

Elite Plus 10lb - Vanilla White


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If you have always wanted more White Elite to work with, it's now available in a 10 lb pail.  Elite Plus Vanilla is the perfect combination of perfect workability & delicious flavor.  With the same perfect texture and easy to work with body as Elite, Elite Plus offers a delicious creamy Vanilla flavor that compliments any type of cake.  With Elite Plus perfect formula, it does not dry or crack, it does not tear, very little kneading necessary and rolls out easily to 1/16" of an inch.  Elite Plus is the perfect rolled fondant for beginners and professionals alike.  Works great for covering cakes, cupcakes, cookies & making figures.  Kosher Dairy.
Size: 10 lbs
Color: White
Flavor: Vanilla

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