Petite Unwired Roses - Assorted Colors


A convenient variety of sizes of small roses, perfect for small decorations on cakes and also perfect for cupcakes. With sizes ranging from 0.5" to 1.5" you can place them anywhere. These roses have no wire, and are fully edible. Made of gum paste.

Quantity Per Box: 66
(L: 15; M: 18; S: 18; XS: 15)

Approximate Size: 4 sizes (L: 1.5", M: 1.25", S: 1", XS: 0.5")

Color: Assorted colors of peach, pink, ivory and purple
(19 Peach, 19 Pink, 17 Ivory, 11 Purple)

Note: these petite roses are with no wire, and attached to green calyx base


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