Bon Ton Tasting Spoon

by Alcas
SKU 270100010

Clear Individual Portion Bon Ton Tasting Spoons great for desserts and other small culinary creations individually portioned.  Present your beautiful dessert creations with this is classy Bon Ton Tasting Spoon.  A great way to present small individual appetizers and hors d'oeuvre.

Perfect for portioned tastings, they elevate the look of desserts to a higher level, even being made of plastic. Their classy clear look draws more attention than a typical platter or plate would.

Color: Clear |  Made in Italy  |  Made of Plastic

These Bon Ton Tasting Spoons have matching Clear Bon Ton Tasting Trays as well, sold separately.  Click to shop Bon Bon Trays.

500 pieces per case

Product of Alcas  |  Sold only by the case  |  Exempt from discounts

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