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  • Disposable cupcake boxes. Transport & display cupcakes in beautiful cupcake boxes. Chinese take out box. Party favor box. Cookie Box. Dessert Box. Gift Box. Black Chinese take out cupcake box.

Take-Out / Cupcake Boxes - Black


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Complete your uniquely delicious cupcake designs with an even more delicious box. How about a Chinese Take-Out Box? This smaller Take-Out box fits Standard sized cupcakes. Decorate the box with a small bow on its handle and a small sticker (ie. Happy Birthday) and you have a very cute Cupcake Box. Perfect for any occasion such as birthday parties, engagements, gifts, and so much more. 

Quantity Per Pack: 12

Approximate Size:  Height: 3.5", Base: 2.75” x 2.25” 

Color:  Black

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