The Large Roul Pat Fondant Mat + 10 lb FondX Rolled Fondant Virgin White Bundle

ITEM#: RoulPat+10lbFondxVwhite

Includes: ONE Large Roul Pat and ONE 10 lb FondX Rolled Fondant Virgin White

Complete your cake decorating needs with our Top Selling 10 lb FondX Rolled Fondant Virgin White. FondX is the preferred rolled fondant among professionals & beginners alike.  It is very easy to knead, rolls out easily to an 1/8 inch & it is very forgiving fondant to use.  It also has a very smooth Vanilla flavor that not too sweet & compliments any cake flavor nicely.  Virgin White is our most popular color of fondant.  It can also easily be firmed up and made into a yummy gumpaste with use of CMC: Fondant Stabilizer. 

Use the best professional food-grade reinforced glass weave & double coated with silicone mat used for rolling out Rolled Fondants.  The silicone provides a non-stick surface which reduces the need for using too much powdered sugar or cornstarch when working with fondant.  Working with a mat for fondant work also allows for perfect kneading & easier application onto the cake & helps keep your fondant work space cleaner.  This Roul Pat Mat can also be used for baking, poured chocolate, and even pulled sugar.  Hand Wash.  Do not cut on or fold.  Professional use.  Made in France.

Helpful Hint: 1 lb can cover up to an 8 cake 

FondX info:

Size: 10 lbs

Color: Virgin White

Flavor: Vanilla

Kosher Pareve

Large Roul Pat info:

Size: 31.5" x 23"

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