Rosette Ruffle Simpress Fondant Mold

SKU MMS-1904

Size: 6.28 inches x 4 inches  |  Food Safe  |  Reusable

Decorated cakes with a fondant rose ruffle style have been wildly popular for years and are most commonly seen pictured in bride & wedding magazines and at cake decorating competitions. Cake decorators and the general public alike love this frilled flower, sugar ruffle style   Historically, this has been a very labor intensive and somewhat difficult fondant cake decoration to make and as a result many brides and customers looking for this type of decorated cake come up empty handed.

Now, professional cake decorators, hobbyists and beginners alike can use the Rose Ruffle Simpress™ Fondant Mold to transform fondant, gumpaste, modeling chocolate and any other rolled icing into intensely, petal ruffled panels that can be used to cover a crumb coated cake instantly. The results are outstanding and this innovative, self trimming silicone mold promises to be a game changer in the cake decorating industry. What was once considered a costly, laborious cake decorating style rarely seen on wedding cakes and special occasion cakes, can now be made in the same time as any other commonly used fondant cake decoration. 

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