Pearls Simpress Fondant Mold


Size: 6.25 inches x 4 inches  |  Silicone  |  Food Safe  |  Reusable

The Pretty in Pearls Simpress™ is the easiest way to create a romantic texture of clustered pearls on any cake and in no time at all. This beautifyl panel of different sized pearls was designed by hand in order to capture the style and elegance seen only on cakes made by the best cake decorators around the world. Use this Simpress™ to transform a ordinary cakes into a beautiful pearl covered wedding cakes.  This mold can also be used to create lively cakes that are fun and textured. Use a round cutter of the appropriate size to create delightful cupcake toppers. Add that 3D pearled detail to your cakes instantly with this fondant mold.  The magic fondant mold behind creating that full pearl effect on your cake with fondant.

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product of Marvelous Molds

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