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  • Nu-Wrap Buttercream Rolled Fondant perfect for cake decorating fondant cakes, wedding cakes, cupcakes, & specialty cakes.  Buttercream Flavor Rolled Fondant Icing.  Easy Rolled Fondant Recipe. Cake Supply. Caljava Bakery supply.
  • Nu Wrap Rolled Fondant Icing perfect fondant for cake decorating & covering cakes & wedding cakes. Wholesale Cake supply. Caljava bakery supply.

Nu Wrap - Buttercream


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Nu-Wrap is the fresh new way to wrap your cakes in rolled fondant.  Very easy to knead and roll out, stretches very nicely, and is the brightest white in color.  It's Buttercream flavor is extremely delectable which makes it a great compromise between having an iced buttercream cake and a beautiful rolled fondant cake.  Now you can have both.  Zero grams Trans Fat.  Gluten Free.

Weight: 10 lb

Flavor: Buttercream



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