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  • Fondant Heart Bursts Applique perfect for cake decorating birthday cakes & valentines cakes. Simply color the hearts and apply them on the cake.  Wholesale cake supply. Sugarflower.
  • Heart Bursts

Heart Bursts


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These fondant appliques are perfect for birthdays or any fun occasion.  Simply use Piping Gel as a glue and apply sprinkles or disco dust, or just brush on Lustre Dust directly onto the hearts to decorate. Then position the hearts as desired and stake the covered wire into your creation. Your end result will give a look of hearts bursting from the cake.  Use as a cake topper or with other fondant flowers to add fun and excitement to your creations.

Quantity Per Box:  45 (20 small, 15 med and 10 large)

Approximate Size:  3 Sizes

Color:  White

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