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  • Blue Luster Dust Colors food coloring perfect for cake decorating fondant cakes, cupcakes, cake pops, wedding cakes, and sugarflowers. Dusting color. Cake supply.
  • Peacock Blue Luster Dust colors for cake decorating fondant cakes, gumpaste sugarflowers, cake toppers, & other cake decorations. Wholesale cake supply. Bakery Supply. Tropical Blue Lustre Dust Color.

Tropical Blue Lustre Dust


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Product details

Lustre dusts are a non-toxic color medium used to add color to edible decorations such as gum paste flowers, ribbons, bows, and other sugar paste decorations.  Lustre dusts provide a sparkled finish for a more luminous effect.  Give life to your edible creations with Lustre Dusts.

Certified Non-Toxic. Water Soluble.

How to use:

• To dry dust: use a Pump Brush or an artist's brush to apply with a brush similar to painting.

•  To dust with Airbrush: add 2:1 ratio of alcohol to dust, stir well and pass through the airbrush.

*Actual colors may vary from those shown due to picture editing process.  Colored dusts are not a food additive and should not be considered as such.

Weight:  2 grams

Comparable to Peacock Blue Luster Dust


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