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  • Maple Bacon Icing. Icing Genius is All Natural Icing concentrate for icing cakes, cupcakes, cake pops,cookies macaroons Gluten free Vegan. Maple bacon Frosting
  • Icing Genius is All Natural Icing concentrate for icing cakes, cupcakes, cake pops, cake fillings, cookies, macaroons, pastries Gluten free Vegan. Maple Bacon icing flavor. frosting

Icing Genius - Maple Bacon

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Expiration: 3/24/16

An icing concentrate made with natural ingredients perfect for icing cakes, cupcakes, cake pops, fillings, cookies, macaroons, pastries, bundt cakes & much more. The unique rich flavors can be deliciously blended with other complimenting flavors, or your own buttercream, whipped cream, butter or shortening to fit your taste. It can also be melted to be used as a sweet dip or glaze.

USE AS AN ICING, FILLING, PIPING OR SPREADING: Stir or whip room temperature icing before use. May be whipped with your own buttercream, whipped cream, shortening, butter or even cream cheese. Ice your cakes, cupcakes, macaroons, and other delicious treats.

USE FOR DIPPING OR GLAZING: Heat in a double boiler to about 124 degrees Fahrenheit or with microwave in increments of 5 - 10 seconds. Once diluted, use to Dip or Glaze creations & allow to cool & set. Perfect for dipping cake pops, cookies, or biscotti. Also great for pouring a flavored glaze on breads, cookies, and other treats. Allow a few min to cool & set.

*STORAGE: Store up to 30 days after opening. Natural colors may fade slightly, simply whip icing to revive the icing's natural color.

**ALLERGEN INFORMATION: This product is packaged on equipment that also packages products containing milk, tree nuts, peanuts, soy & eggs. When consuming please be aware of all food allergies due to the natural ingredients used within each flavor recipe.

Kosher Dairy & Vegan Certified

Quantity: 12 oz

Flavor: Maple Bacon

To learn more about Icing Genius: Read Booklet

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