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Fondant Ribbon - Classic


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Creating fondant ribbon can be difficult, stressful, and time consuming.  As cake decorators our time is money, whether professional or amateur.  Now you can decorate with ease using Fondant Ribbon.  Readymade from fondant, these ribbons come pre-embossed with designs that are great for any occasion.  

Simply start by:

  • Opening the airtight container
  • Then remove the protective backing from the fondant ribbon
  • Next apply an edible adhesive, such as glue (CMC + water) or icing, to the desired area of the cake
  • Adhere the fondant ribbon to the cake as desired (typically a border)
  • Using the spool as a guide, wrap the ribbon around the cake
  • Carefully trim and connect the ribbon's ends
  • Remember to reseal the airtight container to reserve freshness for future use.
  • Add a gumpaste flower topper

And you're done!

Quantity Per Container:  1 

Length Per Roll:  15 ft or 4.57 meters

Height:  2"

Color:  White

Flavor:  Vanilla

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