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Straight Frill Set 5 - 8


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Set of 4 endless cutters that creates eight basic border designs. The cutters can also be mixed, matched & overlaid to create many additional patterns.

How to use:

Use a mixture of 50% gumpaste and 50% fondant

Roll out a long strip of paste quite thinly.  Place on the cutter from the frill set and press firmly.  Repeat, to cut the required length.  Trim paste to required width.  Gently roll up the strip and unroll into position.  Secure with gum glue.  The sections can be attached to the cake in single rows, or tiered.  Place on a firm foam pad and press each scallop with an embosser or large ball tool.  Place on a hard surface and frill using a smooth stick.  Frill with a smooth stick and make holes in each section using a No.2 icing nozzle or a small cutter.

Helpful Hint:  Rub a thin layer of vegetable shortening along cutter edge before using to help stop the edge from cracking during frilling. 

Size:  Approximately 9.5"

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